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Thursday - The Backstrokes @ The Mixtape

Feb. 8th, 2009 | 03:00 am
location: Grand Rapids, MI

Thursday, February 12th, 7PM (wsg @ 4:30)
The Backstrokes @ The Mixtape (formerly Skelletones)
$4 at the door

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Hear The Backstrokes on: Myspace, Virb, Bandcamp, ReverbNation.

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The Backstrokes Official Website

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In the studio

Dec. 18th, 2008 | 06:52 pm

In the studio
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The Backstrokes at River City
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GRAM closed :(

Dec. 12th, 2008 | 07:56 pm

GRAM closed :(
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Culture fail.
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social networking?

Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 01:48 am

Only on Christmas, do facebook users think of others more than themselves:


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Keweenawesomefest 2008

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 01:51 am

Yahoo Event
Houghton, MI on a map

The Lineup:

!!!Friday Night (March 28th)!!!
SAH (Marquette, MI)
DEASTRO (Detroit, MI)
HORNET (Kalamazoo, MI)
ALMUS MAGNUS (Grand Rapids, MI)

!!!Saturday Night (March 29th)!!!
LOW (Duluth, MN)
FRED THOMAS (Brooklyn, NY)
CHILD BITE (Detroit, MI)
CANADA (Ann Arbor, MI)
ACTUAL BIRDS (Ypsilanti, MI)
DUCT APE (Marquette, MI)

!!!Press from Last Year!!!
Nuvo.net: http://www.nuvo.net/articles/blizzard_trekking_to_the_keweenawesomefest/
Detroit Metro Times: http://www.metrotimes.com/blahg/journal_item.asp?journalid=98
Real Detroit Weekly: http://www.realdetroitweekly.com/article_2340.shtml
Motor City Rocks: http://www.motorcityrocks.com/2007/02/weekend-update-keweenawesomefest-press_26.htm

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Eastown Explosion

Feb. 28th, 2008 | 03:58 am

When he looked outside, the amount of smoke he saw "was ridiculous."

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I remember how the darkness doubled

Feb. 22nd, 2008 | 05:25 pm

I recall, lightning struck itself.

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Via et Veritas et Vita

Oct. 17th, 2007 | 12:24 pm

(Lyrics, David Byrne - For You)

(Neil Young - The Way)

"Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)
(Dicit ei Iesus ego sum via et veritas et vita nemo venit ad Patrem nisi per me)

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In Rainbows

Oct. 10th, 2007 | 01:03 pm

In Rainbows is here. I think I knew I would before I heard it, but I love it. I had high expectations, and after a couple listens, I'm not disappointed. I look forward to getting my hands on the vinyl.
Some people might call it boring, but I think it sounds really mature. It sounds grounded in a way that they haven't before, but they still do really amazing kind-of-psychedelic things with their layers of sound. Radiohead doesn't need your approval; they're relevant and they know it.
Listen to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and then Radiohead's Videotape. This is where music is now and I like it.
People can complain about the 160kbps mp3s, but I think it makes perfect sense. It's advertising for Radiohead with the Napster model. People who really like it are going to buy the album. From the comments here it doesn't sound like anyone paid $20 for these mp3s or anything like that.
One thing I really like about the way they released this without any promo copies going out to reviewers ahead of time is how it's made everyone's opinion relevant. There's a good thread on Stereogum where people are doing their own reviewing of the album. I think it's great to hear what people think before someplace like Pitchfork tells them what's cool to think.

(collected from my posts to a facebook group)

If you still don't have your hands on it, head over to inrainbows.com to pay whatever you like for 10 160kbps MP3's. Or, if you're not going to pay anything anyways, and are an impatient bastard, I put them up here: gazoombo.net/inrainbows (as long as my bandwidth holds out.)

In local news...

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Frontier Ruckus

Sep. 26th, 2007 | 01:20 pm

Frontier Ruckus is probably my favorite band at the moment.
They played at the DAAC last Saturday and it was really great.
I recorded it so you can hear for yourself:


Seriously, you should hear this.

PS I know I have a bunch of other recordings to put up still, sorry! This just got me really excited so I did it first (when I should have been studying.)

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